Sleeping is overrated - again

I feel like writing something smart or deep but I
really have no idea how to write it - or actually
I don't even know what should I write about. My
mind is so full of everything from stupid thoughts
to ones which even make some sense, but still.
How come I always come up with the stupid ones
when I should be writing something else but non-
sense? Ok, this really isn't making sense again...

During my holidays I've spent time with my sis and
her boyfriend, drunk too much black coffee and got a
headache from it, slept a bit (still too little, though it
feels luxurious to sleep nine hours instead of those
three minimal hours before going to school) and met
some g'old friends in Uusikaupunki. Now I'm finally
back to my own place, and my fridge is full of nice 
food waiting to be eaten♥ It all seems so nice and re-
laxing at the moment, but I should do some homework 
we got from school instead of just lying, sleeping and 
eating... We've got like one sheet of math exercises 
to do, one book and one play to read and a nice little 
film review to do about the movie called 'Shakespeare In 
Love'. Ok, those are easy and quick ones to do - they take 
approximately about one hour to do - but I just don't seem 
to have any inspiration to even start doing them. Woah,
I am a lazy and whining bastard. Holidays are for sleeping,
not for homework! Argh, goddamn school systems.

I have to come up with some new posting ideas,
too. As much as this is my diary where I can write
up my thoughts, I still want to write something
you guys are able to comment and argue with. If
you have any ideas, then please tell me. I am 
kinda open-minded to all new ideas, as long as
I am able to decide which of them I'll publish :D
So just be brave and comment. It won't cost you
nothing but a minute of your (expensive) time.

Felt like writing in English. Kestäkää virheet
ja yrittäkää saada selvää, mun pää ei toimi
edes tällä kahvimäärällä (ja mun piti vähentää!)
minkä oon jo nakannut naamasta alas. Jännä tää,
että miten väsyttää muttei sitten kuiteskaan.

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